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This project is an extension to BlogEngine.NET that adds support for SyntaxHighlighter 2.0 by Alex Gorbatchev. The brushes to load for the blog can be chosen in the admin page, as well as which style to use.


To install this extension, copy the App_Code and SyntaxHighlighter folders into the root of the blog. Go the extensions admin page and unselect any brushes that shouldn't be loaded as well as choose the style to use.


There are 4 parts in the administration page. Folders, Brushes, Styles and Brush aliases.


This is where the paths to the styles and scripts folders are stored. The paths are relative to the root of the blog.


Select the brushes that should be loaded. If the installed brushes are changed, a click on the Update Brush List button will load the brushes a new from the scripts folder and it will reset all brushes to the selected state. This setting will only be shown if the scripts folder exists.


This is where the style is chosen. And just as with the brushes, there is a button to update the list if new brushes are added. This setting is only available if the styles folder exists.


Shows the useable aliases for each selected brush.

More Information

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